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Bringing donors and missionaries together for the New Evangelisation in Ireland

Our key aim as an organisation is to see that genuine Catholic Evangelisation Causes in Ireland will be adequately financed to realise their full potential. Our purpose is to bring donors and missionaries together for the New Evangelisation in Ireland.


About Us

The New Evangelisation Trust is a zero running costs charity, sponsored by a small group of supporters, which provides a free service of matching donors with Evangelisation Causes in Ireland.

The Church here as we all know has been going through much difficulty and decline, even to the point of once again becoming a mission territory. More than ever before there is great need for a fresh proclamation of the Gospel into all areas of public and private life. On the positive side it is great to see the many committed Catholic, lay, religious and clergy alike who are giving their lives to the service of the Gospel. These are the "Home Missionaries" that Ireland so urgently needs. However it is unfortunate that inadequate finance continues to hinder much good work from flourishing to its full potential. And on the other hand there are generous and well intentioned donors who want to share in this new mission yet do not know where best to direct their finances. It is to these two needs that The Evangelisation Trust directs its attention by the seeking, managing and disbursing of funds between donors and Ireland’s New Missionaries.

Our fundraising comes from two main sources: regular donations and Wills. In relation to Wills made in favour of The New Evangelisation Trust we give people the peace of mind of knowing that, where their parting wish is the Evangelisation of Ireland, that they have left the disbursement of their earthly assets in reliable hands. In this way it can be said that donors become missionaries too, because they become an integral part of the missionaries’ work in the field!

Entrusted to the Patronage of St Joseph, our work is carried out in a spirit of prayer, and we continue to pray for all of our donors and the work of the new missionaries in Ireland.




The New Evangelisation Trust Grants Committee is pleased to announce the successful recipients of grant funding for the year 2022-2023 and wish them every blessing in their endeavours:

Alpha Kinsale        

Kinsale Alpha Youth Forum

Association of Catholic Teachers

Pilgrimage / Day retreats for teachers / Website restructuring

Called to More

Living Faith Series


Friends of Cenacolo

Bedroom / washroom facilities upgrade


St Saviour’s Dominican Church, Limerick

Faith & Culture Centre



Evangelium Conference 2023


Alanna Bradley, FOCUS Missionary

Missionary Expenses


Holy Family Mission

Youth Ministry outreach to schools & parishes across Ireland


The Kerygma Group

Forming men as witnesses for the faith

Living Church

Parental journal for sacramental programme for children

Monasterevin Parish

Pilgrimage to Rome & Assisi

NET Ministries

Joshua Leadership Programme

Pure in Heart

Funding towards the Pure in Heart Mission

Queen's University, Belfast: Catholic Chaplaincy

Saul Mission Hub

Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Seminary

Three Kings Play


Stella Maris School

Stella Maris School


Thrive Ireland

Leading for Good: A parish leadership development programme based on Catholic Social Teaching

Tine Network Ireland

Arise Family Holiday Festival


UCD Chaplaincy

University Chaplaincy Outreach


Youth 2000

St Andrew Project of evangelisation

Image by Lennon Caranzo
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