Grants 2019

2019 TNET Funding Round


The 2019 TNET funding round is now open, the deadline date for receipt of applications is 5 p.m. on Monday, 11th November 2019. We are currently inviting grant applications from missionaries who have worthwhile projects that will serve the New Evangelisation in Ireland. We are also concurrently appealing to donors to assist us in meeting these important needs.  Please download an application form here.

To help you assess whether or not you have an appropriate cause to justify making a grant application, the following is a non-exhaustive list of possible causes:

  • Evangelisation Groups

  • Evangelisation Projects or Initiatives

  • Catechetics

  • Scholarships relating to Evangelisation

  • Missionary’s living expenses

  • Pilgrimages to Church-recognised pilgrimage sites

  • Building related projects that have a clear purpose in the New Evangelisation 

Preference is given to specific Causes where it is demonstrated by the Applicant that funding from The New Evangelisation Trust will make the difference between the Cause proceeding or not. It is also preferable that the Applicant can demonstrate that their Cause has other sources of funding to supplement any funding that The New Evangelisation Trust may grant.

Please note that The New Evangelisation Trust cannot be responsible for any costs that an applicant incurs in relation to the preparation of any grant application.

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