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Youth 2000 retreatYouth 2000 is an international movement of young people called to spread the Good News of the Catholic faith and share this experience with other young people. Youth 2000 Ireland have around 40 weekly prayer groups around the country, 16 to 18 weekend retreats throughout the year, a summer festival, an annual ball and various other social events - all organised by young people, for young people. Their motto is "Youth leading youth to the heart of the Church."

The 3 ‘pillars’ of Youth 2000 are:

  1. Devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 
  2. Devotion to Our Lady particularly through the Rosary 
  3. Fidelity to the Teaching of the Church, including a deep love for Sacred Scripture.

Here's what some young people attending a Youth 2000 retreat had to say:

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  • "The talks gave wonderful insights and touched me deeply. I would definitely come again!" 
  • "Inspirational! I have finally found out that God really does love me." 
  • "I just liked the way everyone blended without knowing each other." 
  • "It was so worthwhile; it has helped put things in perspective and given me peace. I liked the social aspect of it too." 
  • "I felt whole and was overwhelmed by a sense of love." 
  • "It's a place to really come in contact with Jesus and yourself."  
  • "I would come again to experience fellowship and witness of other young people loving God.”
  • "Thank you Youth 2000 for a wonderful weekend."
  • "Each time you come you come to know more of God’s love for you." 
  • "I really enjoyed the weekend and didn't feel out of place about my faith."
  • "Best retreat I attended in many years."
  • "It was class!"
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01 675 3690
Mr James Mahon

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